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August 2008



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Ok, I'm REALLY Sorry.

So, I decided I didn't like the whole 0nem3 thing... just too complicated, unnecessary.  So I went with simple and straightforward.  It's the SAME exact blog, but I gave it a new address... you can NOW find my blog at:


Bookmark it, save it, whatever you need to do.  That's my new blog, and that's the one I'm using from here on out.  Unless I change my mind again, of course.  Hahahaha.

Sorry guys!  There it is though, enjoy.

One More Time!

And I just want to be clear.  www.0nem3.com is my NEW blog.  As in, REPLACING this one.  So you should start reading it ;)

Thanks!  Enjoy!  Hope everyone is doing well :)

P.S. I just wrote another entry for it, so go read it

Moving On!

So, finally, my new blog is up and running. Despite having some major issues with Apple and iWeb and the MobileMe transition, everything is set.

Enjoy :)



So, as you may have noticed, it's been quite some time since I've written in here, and I believe it is about time for me to suspend my livejournal blogging for the time being. I hate to leave you hanging, so for now this is pretty much it, I'm hanging up my livejournal--so to speak.

Before, I used it to keep up with my other friends on livejournal and, while I love you dearly, I simply don't have the time to read all your entries and I obviously don't have the time to keep writing my own!

I'm thinking that soon I will most likely start up a separate blog--away from livejournal--soon, so that those of you with real interest in my life (that being, most likely, close friends and family) can keep on reading. I guess basically I'm just ready to move on from here. Of course, once I set up that new blog (whenever it may be) I will of course put a link to it on here.

Keep on blogging, I'll check back as often as I can! Thanks for reading, and again, hopefully I'll have a new blog up soon!






Oh. My. God.

Your (Political) Update

Since I haven't posted in a while, and I really don't have a lot to say (or time to do it), I'm just going to post some links. Given the current (chaotic) state of the presidential election, I think it's good for people to read some rational voices. Go to it.

"Poll: Majority of Americans Bitter, Clingy" - Andy Borowitz

"Confessions of an Elitist" - Sherman Yellen

"John McCain Should Go On Vacation, Hillary Clinton is Doing His Job for Him" - Arianna Huffington

"The Boss Picks A Boss: Bruce Springsteen Endorses Obama"

Just in case you hadn't noticed--all the above articles are from The Huffington Post. If you like the liberal online media, you should check out Andrew Sullivan as well!

Uganda No More

So, I know this is a quick turnaround, but due to circumstances beyond my control, it looks like the Uganda trip is not going to be possible this year. Thanks to everyone for their support--perhaps I'll try again in a future year.

Blogging Uganda

So, I'm undertaking a project. A big one. Here's the deal: I want to go to Uganda for two weeks this summer, to volunteer in helping with the AIDS crisis. I'll be going with an organization called Legacy for African Children International, based in Uganda, and I will be helping educate people on the AIDS issue, educate children, and helping single mothers find marketable skills to earn a self-sustainable income in the countries harsh economic conditions.

I've set up a website: blogginguganda.net On this website I will be keeping track of my entire experience--starting now, with raising money, and going all the way through my experience there in Uganda and even afterwards and the experiences I have back here at home. Also on that website, I have a donations button, because I will be needing support, if you're willing to help me out. My goal is to raise about $3200 for the trip--which will cover the fees involved as well as the round-trip flight.

All support is greatly appreciated! It means so much to me, and I hope that you'll see it as a chance for your to contribute to the cause, even if you can't leave the country to volunteer in person. Don't forget to check back at the website--www.blogginguganda.net for updates.

Thank you so much, and I'm excited to get started with this project!


So, last night in Seattle, and I've had an absolute blast--it was great hanging out with Cherie and my parents, and did we did a ton of really cool things. Such as...

- Underground Tour
- Downtown Shopping
- Pike Place Market
- Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame
- Museum of Flight
- Archie McPhees
- Space Needle
- University District

And I would elaborate... but I'm tired, and work is probably going to keep me down for a while yet. I promise, *promise* that once I have some substantial time to kill, I will post some more (WITH pictures), but it could be a few days. Sorry :(

Tomorrow--back to Kentucky!

Lonely :(

So, I'm here at AU for one more night, and then I'm off for Spring Break, which is exciting :) But, I'm here alone at AU for tonight, which is, quite frankly, pretty depressing. As much as I hate to say it, I miss everybody already--especially Lauren, obviously. She's going to have a great time in Egypt, and I'm going to have a great time in Seattle and at home, but it doesn't stop the fact that I miss her. At least it's only a week.

Tonight I guess I'm just going to relax. Sorry I haven't updated in so long--really though, it would probably just be more of the same. Life is incredible around here--I've got great friends, school is fantastic, and I've got the best girlfriend anyone could possibly ask for. I'm starting to try and make some plans for this summer... I'm not entirely sure what's going to happen yet though. I'll keep you updated.

LIke I said, Spring Break officially starts now, basically, and tomorrow I'm off for Seattle, and then I'll be home for a couple days at the end of next week, then back here. It should be a lot of fun, I'm really exciting to see my parents and Cherie--plus, I've never been to Seattle before!

Is it obvious that I'm trying really hard to be positive? It's not really working tonight, ergh. Ah well, I'll survive, obviously--I'll probably head to bed early, just to speed things up a little, to make tomorrow get here as fast as possible.

I'll try and post some more throughout this week, if I have time.

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