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August 2008

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Uganda No More

So, I know this is a quick turnaround, but due to circumstances beyond my control, it looks like the Uganda trip is not going to be possible this year. Thanks to everyone for their support--perhaps I'll try again in a future year.


Sorry to hear it, darlin'. Are you staying in DC this summer, going back to the mother ship, or doing something else that is utterly fabulous?

Oh, and are you in DC for Easter? If so, are you "orphaned" for dinner?
Aha, well, I suppose I'm just going back to the mother ship, but I think there will be plenty of other things to keep me busy. I'm hoping to get some sort of job, and I'm saving up money to fly up to New York several times to go visit my girlfriend--fun stuff =D

As for Easter, I should be in DC for it, but we didn't really have any plans for dinner... I'm not sure how many of my friends will be around or not, who knows, lol.
Pretty much all the money I made the first summer back from AU went to airline tickets to visit people all over the place. It's a noble tradition. :)

ahaha, rockin'. That's pretty much the plan here. I know that my best friends and Lauren of course, are all coming down to visit me in Kentucky at least once. I'm hoping to go up to NY three or four times probably. Should be fun :)


Well, if/when you come up to New York, you might want to let your proximate sister know ...

*hint*hint* *ahem*

Sorry your volunteering plans have fallen through.