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August 2008

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Blogging Uganda

So, I'm undertaking a project. A big one. Here's the deal: I want to go to Uganda for two weeks this summer, to volunteer in helping with the AIDS crisis. I'll be going with an organization called Legacy for African Children International, based in Uganda, and I will be helping educate people on the AIDS issue, educate children, and helping single mothers find marketable skills to earn a self-sustainable income in the countries harsh economic conditions.

I've set up a website: blogginguganda.net On this website I will be keeping track of my entire experience--starting now, with raising money, and going all the way through my experience there in Uganda and even afterwards and the experiences I have back here at home. Also on that website, I have a donations button, because I will be needing support, if you're willing to help me out. My goal is to raise about $3200 for the trip--which will cover the fees involved as well as the round-trip flight.

All support is greatly appreciated! It means so much to me, and I hope that you'll see it as a chance for your to contribute to the cause, even if you can't leave the country to volunteer in person. Don't forget to check back at the website--www.blogginguganda.net for updates.

Thank you so much, and I'm excited to get started with this project!


Thanks for informing me about this. I'll try to do a post on this soon to help you get word out about it. It might be next week because readership is slow during the weekends. Best of luck.
Thank you so much! That will be a huge help! =D