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August 2008

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Lonely :(

So, I'm here at AU for one more night, and then I'm off for Spring Break, which is exciting :) But, I'm here alone at AU for tonight, which is, quite frankly, pretty depressing. As much as I hate to say it, I miss everybody already--especially Lauren, obviously. She's going to have a great time in Egypt, and I'm going to have a great time in Seattle and at home, but it doesn't stop the fact that I miss her. At least it's only a week.

Tonight I guess I'm just going to relax. Sorry I haven't updated in so long--really though, it would probably just be more of the same. Life is incredible around here--I've got great friends, school is fantastic, and I've got the best girlfriend anyone could possibly ask for. I'm starting to try and make some plans for this summer... I'm not entirely sure what's going to happen yet though. I'll keep you updated.

LIke I said, Spring Break officially starts now, basically, and tomorrow I'm off for Seattle, and then I'll be home for a couple days at the end of next week, then back here. It should be a lot of fun, I'm really exciting to see my parents and Cherie--plus, I've never been to Seattle before!

Is it obvious that I'm trying really hard to be positive? It's not really working tonight, ergh. Ah well, I'll survive, obviously--I'll probably head to bed early, just to speed things up a little, to make tomorrow get here as fast as possible.

I'll try and post some more throughout this week, if I have time.


Aw, hon. I remember all too well the waiting around at/during Spring Break.

It's okay to be a little blue about it. Just don't go to Guapo's and drink the remainders of all the pitchers of frozen drinks; it makes flying to the West Coast the next morning a royal bitch.

LOL, thanks. And don't worry I had no plans of going to Guapo's... I'm exhausted. I'm just in one of those really shitty, blah moods. I'm sure it'll be better tomorrow, once I've actually got things to do and keep my mind of missing Lauren, lol.
Hay, you get out here -- and we'll distract you with swankness, I promise. And for that matter, they're talking terrible weather around Louisville; if the 'rents get delayed, I'll pick you up and put you up for the night, and we'll go do something semi-thrilling until they make it into town.

That would be AWESOME =D

Even if they do get in tomorrow, do you think there's any way that me and you could hang out one night--if they get tired or something? lol
I'm sure we'll work out something; we can send them to a nice restaurant or down to the market, or something ...

But yes, it's occurred to me that it'll be somewhat weirder now, traveling with you/touristing with you as an adult (yet not old enough to drink/get into the "adult" places, so to speak). You don't want to do kid stuff anymore, but you probably don't want to do all the same tourist stuff that the parental units are interested in, either.

We'll try to strike some balance. :)
LOL, sounds good... thanks sis =D
Oh -- and of course, if you want out of the hotel room, we've got this big, comfy leather couch. You might wake up with a cat on your head in the middle of the night, but you're welcome to it for a night or two. You never know -- the 'rents might even like to have the room to themselves for a bit anyway.
There are some of us who might be greatly amused to see a picture of a certain cat conquering Mt. Lexhead.
whats lauren doing in egypt? that sounds so exciting!
I'm so glad that you called last night! I hope you have a great time in Seattle and I cant wait to see you at the end of the week.
Oh, and it still hasn't quit snowing here. =) Quite insane!